Learn how to process your grief.

An online course for people struggling with grief and looking for answers.

Learn to recognize the effects of grief on the body and mind.

As you awake, your mind doesn't remember. It’s a short moment then it all rushes back, the feeling, the hollowness, and the weight. You have a loss in your life. How am I going to deal with today?

See how you can carry grief and continue to live your life.

As you take this course you'll get context for what you're going through, insight on what to expect in the future, and guidance to manage grief daily and over time.

I'll be Your Instructor


Leslie Barber

Leslie's husband, Steve, died of cancer on June 21, 2015 – the longest day of the year and the worst day of her life. Now, Leslie is channeling her own grief into something that helps others: Grief Warrior. The mission of Grief Warrior is to bring recognition, respect and reconnection to the grieving through corporate courses & training, one-on-one & group coaching, and sympathy gifts. Leslie has spent the last two decades either running her own business or supporting other entrepreneurs running theirs at Intuit QuickBooks. She is published on Entrepreneur.com & Small Biz Daily, is a trained coach by the world-renowned Co-Active Training Institute, and has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

I want to bear witness to your grief

— Sending love, Leslie Barber

I want to acknowledge and validate it. This is a lonely experience, but you don't have to be alone in it. Join me and others; give yourself permission to grieve; take this course.

Zachary C.

“I’ve been able to recognize the tells of grief in my body and mind, to kind of take my temperature, and know where I am emotionally.”

Katherine M.

“I’m more forgiving of myself now. I understand the importance of my daily life even after this massive loss.”

Opening the Heart

This is the course I wish someone had taught me.

  • Is there a reason for grief?

  • Leslie's story of grief.

  • What you should expect.

  • How to get the most from this course.

Story of Grief

Take time to process, the importance of being present.

  • Being present with grief.

  • The passing of time.

  • The story of grief.

What It Is

Bring grief out of the shadows and call it what it is.

  • What is grief?

  • Types of grief.

  • Grief in our culture.

The Effects

What happens to the body and mind when you grieve?

  • How grief affects the body and mind.

  • How grief changes your emotions.

  • What is grieving like over time?

Carry & Live

What do we do about grief? When does it get better?

  • What do we do with our grief?

  • What grief teaches us.